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Cisco IOS - logging synchronous

While configuring Cisco router you must have run into issues where the console tried to mess with your commands. (I have faced this more often than I am ready to accept!) Something like below: Cisco IOS - logging synchronous At a first glance, everything seems OK.. but wait.. where are my last three octets of the subnet mask?? The "link" and "line protocol" logs have kicked my three octets out.. What do I need to ensure that this doesn't happen? Disable console logging -- This, of course works! However, for someone who likes to feel the heat of his deeds, in the real time, it might not be very enjoying. Enable "logging synchronous" -- This needs to be done below the "line <console/vty> The latter is definitely desirable as it allows me to get the real-time logs along with, not messing up with my commands. Cisco IOS - logging synchronous configuration Of course, if you are telnet ing the device remotely, do this configuration under "line