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AWS Workspaces - Unhide C drive

AWS Workspaces Windows 10 has C:\ drive hidden by default.. To unhide it, locate the following directory in Windows Registry (regedit), HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ Explorer Dword Value - NoDrives. By default it is set to Hexidecimal value of 4.. Change it to Hexidecimal value of 0 Restart the Workspace and C:\ drive should be visible.

Cisco ACI - CDP Configuration

Yes.. CDP still very much exists (though LLDP is doing a fairly decent job).. and most probably, would continue to, so long as Cisco is in the big game! And if you are an old Cisco techie, like me, you would be disappointed to know that it is not as simple as "cdp run" or "cdp enable" etc. Since you would be enabling CDP on the leaf interfaces which connect to the devices that are not the part of the fabric, you would find this configuration under Fabric >> Access Policies. Here are the steps for the configuration: Fabric >> Access Policies >> Interface policies Policies >> CDP Interface >> Right click on CDP interface and select "Create CDP Interface Policy" Name it and select the Admin state. 4. Next create Leaf Policy Group from Interface Policies and reference the above CDP policy in it as shown below: 5. Time to stitch the Leaf policy group with the actual Leaf Interface. 6. Go to Interface Policies >> Interface Ove

Cisco ACI - NTP Configuration

Time and tide wait for none.. definitely not for your Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)!! NTP configuration should always be at the top of your list of configuration items, after you un-box your appliance. I won't delve into the reasons for doing this (imagine carrying your cell phone with wrong time). Disclaimer: The NTP configuration for ACI(just like other configuration in ACI), is not a simple affair, as you would see it below: Login to APIC (obviously) Under Fabric >> Select Fabric Policies >> Quickstart >> Configure an NTP policy. Name the policy and click Next Under NTP Servers, click on the "+" icon and select the NTP server.. can be FQDN or an IP address.. Here I am using Use "Management EPG" only if the NTP server is outside the fabric. Click OK and then finish. The NTP policy should now be visible under "Pod Policies". It's not over yet.. There is more work to be done! The ACI policy configuration re