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Routing Information Protocol - Basics

Dynamic routing protocol Administrative distance - 120 Metric for best path selection - Hop count (Route with lowest hop count preferred) Maximum hop count allowed - 15 Route is considered unreachable for hop count - 16 RIP versions - RIP version 1, RIP version 2, RIP-NG RIP version 1 Classful routing protocol i.e. doesn't send subnet mask information in the update messages Sends periodic updates as broadcast Destination IP address for broadcast - Doesn't support authentication of update messages RIP version 2 Classless routing protocol but does support classful Sends periodic updates as multicast Destination IP address for multicast - Supports authentication of update messages RIP-NG Classless routing protocol (of course, this is IPv6 we are talking about) Sends periodic updates as multicast Destination IPv6 address for multicast - FF02::9