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MITRE ATT&CK - Understanding Kerberos (for Golden Ticket Attack)

Kerberos = Network Authentication Protocol used by AD environments Provides authentication by issuing tickets to authenticate users and allow them access to the services Tickets are distibuted by KDC (Key Distribution Center), which is typically a Domain Controller (DC) During initial authentication, a TGT (Ticket Granting Ticket) is a ticket asigned to a user by KDC. TGT is later used to authenticate the user to the KDC in order to request a service ticket from TGS (Ticket Granting Service). Service tickets are granted for authentication against services. List of steps / negotiations for Kerberos authentication (of the user with the service): The user requests  (AS-REQ)  a TGT from the KDC and the KDC verifies and validates the credentials and user information. This request if often done automatically at login. After authenticating the user, the KDC sends an encrypted TGT back to the requester  (AS-REP) . The user presents the TGT to the DC and requests a TGS  (TGS-REQ) . The TGS is e

MITRE ATT&CK - Tools, Attacks and Related - 1

MASSCAN - Mass IP port scanner TeamTNT - Threat group that has primarily targeted cloud and containerized applications. The group has been active since at least Oct 2019 and has mainly focused its efforts on leveraging cloud and container resources to deploy cryptocurrency miners in victim environments. List of Techniques used by TeamTNT can be found here: Mimikatz - Is a credential dumper capable of obtaining plaintext Windows account logins and passwords, along with many other features that make it useful for testing the security of networks. Golden Ticket Attack - A golden ticket in Active Directory grants the bearer unlimited access. A golden ticket attack abuses the Kerberos protocol, which depends on the use of shared secrets to encrypt and sign messages. One of these secrets is known only to the Key Distribution Center (KDC): the password hash for the KRBTGT user, which is used to issue the Ke