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How to create a subnet in AWS

If you haven't created the VPC in which you are going to create a new subnet, then check the article here . A subnet is simply the subset of the IPv4 CIDR block which you defined while creating a VPC. It provides a demarcation for the broadcast domains. Requirements: An AWS account Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - A subnet always resides in a VPC and hence a VPC should be present prior to creating it The subnet must be the wholly contained within the IPv4 CIDR block that you defined in the VPC Steps: Sign in to your AWS account. Under Services >> Networking >> VPC VPC Dashboard >> Your VPCs >> Click on your VPC Select Subnets >> Click on "Create Subnet" Details: Name tag: Name of the subnet (self evident) VPC: Select the VPC that you want this subnet to be the part of VPC CIDRs would be automatically populated (since it was defined at the time of VPC creation) Availability Zone: You get an option to select the AZ (in the same region as that of t

AWS Elastic IP address Billing

An Elastic IP address doesn’t incur charges as long as the following conditions are true: The Elastic IP address is associated with an EC2 instance. The instance associated with the Elastic IP address is running. The instance has only one Elastic IP address attached to it. AWS does provide you an option to import your own IP pool (if you already bought it) for which you would never incur any additional expense. Amazon would penalize you for breaching the above conditions on an hourly basis. So, best utilize your elastic IPs efficiently. Release them if you no longer need them.

AWS - Create VPC

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to your AWS account. It is an isolated network where you can spin your resources in. Requirements: An AWS account (of course!) Region - A VPC resides in a particular region (the same cannot be said about the Availability zone (AZ).. in fact a VPC spans across all the Availability Zones in the region in which it is defined. Steps: Sign in to your AWS account. Under Services >> Networking >> VPC VPC Dashboard >> Your VPCs (You should find one VPC created by default with a subnet Let's create a new one. Click on "Create VPC" button Details; Name tag : Name of the VPC (self evident) IPv4 CIDR block : Specify your supernet from which smaller subnets would be created and allocated to the resources We are not using IPv6 here Tenancy : Dedicated tenancy ensures all EC2 instances that are launched in a VPC run on hardware that's dedicated to a single customer.  The default is shared