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Warp - (Cloudflare)

Tested : Private, Fast and Free I have used several Mobile apps that either promise total anonymity or faster speeds. Unfortunately, I never found an app that does both, simultaneously. Come Warp - ! This app created by Cloudflare not only keeps your internet communication private, it also speeds up the communication. Why, of course - the CDN provider which hosts the fastest DNS server ( - which it says is twice faster than Google's famous DNS server would be expected to come up with something like this. You should find app here - Warp - This is how the app will look like. Warp The first thing I did post installation of the app was, check the Internet speed and the nearest Cloudflare CDN server which the app connected me with. Notice below the nearest server connected was located in Mumbai and the download speed being near 2.79 Mbps (Ideally I was expecting about 10 Mbps but have been getting reduced speed since the COVID-19 quarantine) Inter