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Kubernetes - Concepts, Components & Use-Cases

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source container-orchestration platform for automating application deployment, management and scaling. Concepts 1. Kubernetes uses the concepts of pods - an object that consists of one or more containers which share network namespace 2. Kubernetes automates deploying, scaling and managing containerized application on a group (cluster) of (bare metal or virtual) servers, such as ensuring that in case a container within a pod crashes, it will be restarted. Use case: A developer needs 5 application containers on a host. The way he can do it using docker is type the command: "docker run <application_name>" individually 5 times, to create 5 containers on the host machine. What if a production environment requires 200 containers? If you have an automation script that does run the above command 200 times to create 200 containers, how do you monitor them? How do you ensure the underlying host resources aren't stretched or depleted? K8s to the res